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Holly's Journey

Holly is proud to be a Lived Experience Expert, in Recovery, Mom of 3, and so much more

If you would have asked me years back why fitness is important to me, I would have had one response: to look good. Exercising was something I viewed as a chore and something I just didn’t have the time for. On top of that, I have an auto-immune condition which includes joint pain and fatigue as some of its symptoms. I’ve had seasons of life that were a painful struggle to do daily tasks, such as walking up the stairs. The thought of getting into a gym or incorporating fitness in my life on a regular basis seemed completely unrealistic...


Why Yoga for Athletes?

“I rest when I sleep.”

“I go to the gym to get a workout/sweat.”

“I never sit down to touch my toes in my sport.”

“My flexibility is terrible.”

These are the common excuses I get from athletes who haven’t caught on to the power of yoga. I used to be there too. I didn’t discover yoga until I switched from playing Football to running Cross Country in college, and then I only chalked it up to my coach’s wife being a yoga instructor. I’m sure I won’t convert you overnight, but here’s a few things to consider before you write off yoga as “not for me.”